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A single source of truth on secure blockchain 

Flying hours, endorsements, certifications, checks, clearances, Training & Qualifications Documentation (TQD) – universal validation, verification and ANY TIME reference

Tested & mature application software

With implementation, training and in-life support

EU GDPR compliant

Meets global regulatory requirements – ICAO, FAA, EASA, DGCA, CAAS

Engineered & designed by aviation professionals

What’s in it for OPERATORS


Centralized & Digital TQD gives you real-time visibility over crew data for control, utilization and deployment and disruption management; drastically reduces effort during on-boarding and exit to minutes from days.

A single source of truth for all your user groups – operations, maintenance and management; allows visibility for sharper planning, automated FDTL and FRMS compliance, better crew quality of life, efficiency, optimization and compliance: ICAO, FAA, EASA, DGCA, CAAS, CASA

What’s in it for PILOTS


Never lose your records with an always accessible digital twin of your entire career’s flying records, every hour and TQD available at your fingertips.

Never lose your sleep to keep a constant eye on recency; filing all endorsements

Access and share your data anytime, as you need to, in multiple formats, summary types and more






One-touch download & upload of data from company servers to regulator portal with auto sync between regulator, employer databases and devices

Add flights & sim sessions

Auto selection of flight-type – cross-country, instrument flying, destination approach, instructional hours, etc.

Auto night calculation – enter date, airfields and departure and arrival times (in Zulu or local time) and see night flying time computed instantly


Custom fields & custom summary view – flexible custom fields with freedom to track additional data as desired

Multiple themes with eye safe night mode; add photos, notes, memos, comments, etc. 

Generate custom docs & reports on the fly – endorsements and certificates attach & export in all formats worldwide

Automatic Compliance

Push notifications and pre- warnings expiries and potential violation – FDTL, FRMS 

Legality and eligibility – for the next license – e.g., ATPL – AT A GLANCE 

Proactive recency maintenance and auto tracking of currency

Search & Summarise history by Crew, Place, Tail number, Date 

Use smart filtering tools for auto-computing and creating custom summaries / totals easily with filters by date, time, role, aircraft type / model / registration or by plain text search 

Import & Export

Batch import past logbook entries.

We also help you organize your historical data and assist you in your migration from hard copy to digital! 





Envisioned and spec’d by the aviation professionals, built using the best engineering practices 

Architecture: Tiered, built on micro-services, on a future ready tech stack – client, back-end and database.

Interface: Tactile & intuitive, with quick fill buttons, smart drop-down menus

Auto Assisted Entries: No repeat entries of basic information, e.g., date, flight time, etc., just review, add / change & save

Cloud Hosted: Always available, with unlimited capacity; provision on-demand with no incremental effort

Metered Billing: A blend of subscription and consumption makes it easier for monitoring and control 




About Us

eFlite Technologies Pte Ltd is headquartered in Singapore with its development centre in Bangalore, India.

Founded by aviation professionals who believe in innovation for transformative outcomes.

The company aims to simplify legacy processes in aviation with a blend of emerging hi-tech and time-tested methods: solutions that are hyper-efficient and drive business results.

Join us in this journey to shape the future of the aviation industry together!